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27/01/2011 / ephemdroid

EphemDroid Free & Pro

Dear friends,

this is a brief summary of the functionalities provided by EphemDroid, both Pro and Free versions.

EphemDroid gives you all the astronomical informations about the Sun, the Moon, and the planets of the Solar System, such as position in the sky based on your geographic location, time of rise and set, distance of the planet from the Earth or the Sun, apparent magnitude and diameter, and many more astronomical informations. In the Moon section you will also find an annual calendar of the moon phases.

For the “Pro” version I have created some exclusive new screens, that are freely available also in Free version, but limited to Saturdays and Sundays:

  • “Visible Objects”, which shows you the objects currently visible in the sky, or those that will be visible immediately after local sunset time;
  • “Moons”, in which  the position of Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto are calculated and graphically displayed, along with descriptions of their daily phenomena like eclipse andoccultation.
  • “Great Red Spot”, which lists all the times in witch this fascinating atmospheric phenomena will be visible on the surface of Jupiter.

Here are some explanatory screens.

1. This is the main screen of EphemDroid. You can choose wich page activate by tapping the image of the desired planet.

2. This is the page dedicated to the Sun. All the info are pretty self explanatory. This page will be under major review and revamping in the near future, for the 1.2 branch on EphemDroid.

3. These are the Moon’s info pages.

4. Here you see one of the pages available only in “Pro” version of EphemDroid (unlocked in free version on Saturdays and Sundays): a list of the planets visible at the momento or after sunset. Tapping on each element of the list trigs the opening of the specific object’s page.

5. This is how a planet’s page presents itself. All the infos are pretty self-explanatory.

6. This is the Jupiter main page. Please note the green arrows on top right zone of the screen. Moving the phone following the arrows you are

7. Here we are at the Jupiter’s Moons page. As you can see we have a graphical, real time representation of the positions of Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto (turn phone landscape to have it magnified), along with all the phenomenas of the day.

8. Another interesting feature of Jupiter is the Great Red Spot. Ephemdroid Pro owners can plan in advance their observation thanks to the info in this screen.

24/01/2011 / ephemdroid

EphemDroid forked: free and paid editions now available on Market

As announced monthes ago, I have forked EphemDroid in two versions: one free (forever) and one paid.

I decided to do that in order to support the developement of EphemDroid, a product that has become more and more complex and needs time to be tested and implemented.

What are the main differences between the two editions? Mainly they’re the same; my choice was to  limit some functions on the Free version, as they’ll be unlocked and usable only on Saturdays and Sundays.

This way, while the main functions of EphemDroid you come to know in the past will still be there, the new functions will be available without limitation only in paid version, but still you can test them thoroughly during weekends.

I read some pissed-off comment on the Market. I don’t understand why there are people who get angry on the idea to offer you the equivalent of a cup of Italian Cappuccino; anyway the free edition is still there. Enjoy, or write an app on your own, dude.

28/12/2010 / ephemdroid

Ephemdroid 1.8

We’re still here! 🙂

Today we’ve released the 1.8 version of Ephemdroid. This is mainly a bugfix release, while the 2.0 release is under developement, bringing new features and widget.

As announced, with the new 2.x series Ephemdroid will become a paid app, but we’ll have ALWAYS have a free version, with less functions.

Stay tuned…

03/09/2010 / ephemdroid

EphemDroid 1.6

Ok, and after the planets, here is EphemDroid with the ability to guide you in visually searching for planets in the sky. This is a nice feature I enjoyed a lot coding, and I hope it would be useful for ya.

I have a few more ideas to add to EphemDroid, but mostly, well, that’s it. I just want to remember you that this is a BETA/DEMO version of EphemDroid, and for this reason all the features are freely available. In a few days/weeks, when I’ll feel the app is stable enough and most of the reported bugs are ironed out, EphemDroid will be splitted in two:

  • EphemDroid Free: This version will have the Sun, Moon, Moon Phases pages plus one random planet every day.
  • EphemDroid Pro: This version will have the Sun, Moon, Moon Phases pages and ALL the Solar System’s planets’ pages. Price will be around 1 Euro.

I have been asked to post some screenshots. Darn, I’m such a bad marketing guy. Time to go with some colored pictures of the app in action, aka screenshots.

This is the Home screen. By tapping one of the celestial bodies you will enter its data and positioning page.

Home screen

This is the Sun’s page. Here we show not only the main realtime data but also the rise/transit/set time for today.

The Sun's page

The Sun's page

Here is the Moon’s page. This is definitively the richest one. Here we have the usual positioning data, and plus, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll find infos about the next 4 phases.

The Moon's page

The Moon's page

This is the Moon Phases page. Here you can see all the next Moon’s phases calculated starting from the next closest one down to the next year. Useful if you want to schedule your observations.

Moon Phases page

Moon Phases page

And here we are to the Solar System’s planets. Every page shows the same infos, and now, if your location coordinates are correct, you’ll be guided to the precise position of the planet in the sky. If the planet is below the local horizon, the app warns you that it’s not visible at the moment. Instead, if the planet is above the orizon, you’ll be able to find it in the sky very easily, moving your phone according to the green arrows.

Jupiter - Planet not visible at the moment

Jupiter - Planet not visible at the moment

Mercury - It's visible!

Mercury - It's visible!

And last but not least, the Settings page. Here you can set your location’s coordinates manually, and activate/deactivate the usage of GPS chip.

We have had  random reports of EphemDroid crashing with phone’s GPS functions enabled. I’m testing EphemDroid on an HTC Magic with CyanogenMod 0.6 (Android 2.2 Froyo) and everything works smoothly. I have positive reports also from HTC Hero and Nexus One’s possessors.  PLEASE, report us here promptly, so we can look for and fix related bugs.



That’s all folks, please leave me suggestions and comments at will 🙂

30/08/2010 / ephemdroid

EphemDroid 1.5

It’s finally complete: with this release we have concluded the phrenetic phase of core developement of EphemDroid.
All the planets of the Solar System are finally part of the application!
After having confronted the calculated ephemerids with the ones generated by IMCCE , we are quite satisfied.
Now we can start to building up new, cool features, but releasing (maybe) with less frequent updates.
As said before, for the moment the app remains free; in a near future EphemDroid will be splitted in two versions, one paid and one free. The free one will have ephemerdis for the Sun, the Moon (phases calendar included) and randomly one of the planets of the solar system. The paid “Pro” version will have the full features available for a very small price.
Please, feed us with your request and suggestions.
New in version 1.5
– All planets added.
– Minor bugfixes.
30/08/2010 / ephemdroid

EphemDroid 1.4

Despite the fact we changed just the minor release’s number, this is a huge update.

The UI has been totally revamped and now offers the possibility to access infos and realtime data not only for the Sun or the Moon, but also for the Planets of the Solar System. The coding is still undergoing, so to start we have published just the Mercury’s page. The other are to come soon, one after another.

Please, enjoy and report suggestions in comments 🙂

New in ver. 1.4
  • UI Totally rewritten.
  • Mercury’s data page added.

New in ver. 1.4- UI Totally rewritten.- Mercury’s data added.

26/08/2010 / ephemdroid

EphemDroid 1.3.1

Bugfix release for Samsung Galaxy S.

Bug seems confirmed as solved; anyway, if you have any trouble, please let me know in comments!

EphemDroid 1.3.1 is reported working flawlessly on (list constantly updated):

  • HTC Magic
  • HTC Hero
  • Nexus One
  • Finally, Samsung Galaxy S 🙂
  • If your phone is not here, that doesn’t mean it won’t work. Download and try it, and let me know!